gentle ghosts


Nananan Kiriko, Painful Love, 1995 (edit)

魚喃キリコ、 痛々しいラヴ (Itaitashii Love)



Mustafah Abdulaziz - The Purifying Ganges (2013)

"The Ganges River is considered holy from its start at the foothills of the Himalayas to its end 2,500 km away in the Bay of Bengal.

For the over 400 million people who live along it’s length, the Ganges serves multiple roles. From supporting agriculture in the province of Uttar Pradesh to transportation in Bihar, the Ganges serves a spiritual role for the millions of Hindus who come from across India to bathe and wash away sin in her waters.”


"I don’t have any dreams. What’s the point? I’m poor. I don’t have any skills. I wash the utensils in the kitchen— that’s what I do. But I like the girls I work with. We make fun together. I tell jokes. They tell jokes. I’m happy— it’s in my nature."

(New Delhi, India)

It’s our last chance to run away together. Door’s right there.

Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth.

using nothing more than newton’s laws of gravitation, we astronomers can confidently predict that several billion years from now our home galaxy, the milky way, will merge with our neighbouring galaxy, andromeda. because the distances between the stars are so great compared to their sizes, few if any stars in either galaxy will actually collide.
any life on the worlds of that far off future should be safe, but they will be treated to an amazing billion-year-long lightshow.
a dance of a half a trillion stars, to music first heard on one little world, by a man who had but one true friend.
Look into my eyes so you know what it’s like to live a life not knowing what a normal life’s like.

elementary // green

Chungking Express, Wong Kar Wai


Akin to an eagle

inspired by the Kalinga (a Philippine tribe) cultural video posted up by pinoy-culture. (video)

how Kalinga women are tough, proud, and dance like a soaring eagle who looks down on earth.